Bottom on Chair Time

Bottom on Chair Time

Where I spend my BOC time

Today I spent a whole day doing what is known amongst the writers clan as Bottom on Chair (BOC) time.  It is really called something else besides ‘bottom’ but I want to be politically polite on my blog site!

BOC time means you sit at your desk with your laptop and write…it doesn’t have to be a lot of writing, just that you are in your chair and writing.  It is like a rite of passage, one must spend quality BOC time in order to become a good and successful writer.  I joke with my writer friends, saying to them “Have you spent some BOC time lately?” or “You’d better go do some BOC time sweetie, this piece needs it!”

I had an agenda for today, rewrite my devotion, what my writer friend Jenni calls ‘the smelly roses’ piece, for an  international publication that was considering me for publication.  I had met the nice editor at Mt. Hermon’s Writers Conference and she had challenged me to write for them.  So three and a half months ago, I submitted my piece and forgot about it…until yesterday when her email showed up in my inbox.  “OMG” I said to myself, “she wants me to rewrite it to fit their guidelines, I don’t think I can give her what she is looking for – help me Lord.”

I chewed on it all night then this morning set out to write at my favorite cafe in Redwood City.  I hoped on the bus (as my car was totaled and I am without one at the moment) and made my way there.  Now the bus is another entirely different experience than say, BART or the train – but that’s another blog post for another day.
My cafe is across from the movie theater and I knew the new Meryl Streep, Tommy Lee Jones flick was opening today called Hope Springs.  I LOVE Meryl Street and Tommy Lee Jones and it is the first time they are together in a movie.  Oh and Steve Carrell is in it too, another of my favorite actors.I got my coffee and sat down at an outside table procrastinating what I knew I had to do. Write my devotion over.  The heat of the day started in and I just couldn’t do it.  So I went and bought a matinee ticket to see the movie.  Well the movie is FABULOUS, I loved the Maine scenery and laughed throughout, but had a nagging guilt behind my ear.
So I took the bus home, had a chicken salad salad for lunch and went into my bedroom to my desk and turned on the fan.  I reread the editor’s instructions, looked at my devotion. Blank. No words.  I got up to get a popsicle and sat down again at my laptop.  Stared again at my devotion.  Got up to get another popsicle.  Prayed.  Finally a few words started to form in my mind and I wrote them on the page.  More words flowed.  Rewrote one paragraph.  Got up to get some naan bread with butter.  Rewrote some more. You get the picture.
Three hours later, full in my tummy, I finished my piece and sent it out to my writer’s group to have them critique it for me.  Ahhh, the beauty of a writer’s group, you receive free input and better writing than your own!  We meet monthly and are all former Mt. Hermon attendees.  It is a prerequisite to join. Jenni and I started the group as there wasn’t one in our area.  We are all serious about getting published and encourage one another on in the process.

Took a cold shower as I was all sticky from the heat and popsicles and went out in the dusk of the evening for a long walk, to get all the kinks out from my BOC time.  By the way, my chair is a hot pink swivel chair that I got free on Freecycle and I love it.  The color pink makes me a serious writer, don’t you think???!!!  Anyway it was on my walk that I thought about doing my next blog post on BOC time.  The Lord is good about that, He gives me a subject each week when I think I have nothing to write on. Now I can reward myself with a session on Pinterest, which I have grown to LOVE.  I have one board on Israel called “Ani Ohevet Yisrael – Everything Hebrew” which is picking up followers.  I so enjoy sharing my faith and art even on a social media such as Pinterest.  Come follow me!

I hope one day you will be able to read my ‘smelly roses’ devotion in print. Say a little prayer for me it will be so…

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