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Bienvenue and Welcome to my Blog-

I am a published author and artist and excited to have you join me on my blog!

I love all things French, and hope to visit Paris and Nice, one day soon. God has put it on my heart to move to France, to be involved in ministry there and for a new beginning.

I have named my blog, C’est La Vie, (this is life) and will be sharing my life adventures on my path to France, as well as my creative journeys along the way.

It will include current events in France, French cooking/recipes, French themed book and film reviews, mini French lessons, French restaurant reviews, interviews with friends doing art ministry in Paris, and virtual travel to famous places you have wanted to see and know about, mostly in Paris!

I love the ocean and you will find me over at the coast biking, walking, and eating yummy seafood. At home I love cooking, designing my art cards, sculpting glass, making quilts and working on my second book, a sequel to Becoming Miriam. Oh, and of course, practicing my French!

Au revoir pour le moment – Miriam

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