NEW Book Review: “Drawing Fire” by Author Janice Cantore

During the summer, do you enjoy comprising a list of books you iswant to read and then spend every free moment doing so? Well, I do!

This summer, I have included one of my favorite author’s and writing friend, Janice Cantore, on my list. I met Janice at Mount Hermon’s Christian Writers Conference in the Santa Cruz mountains, a few years back, where we talked writer talk over lunch.

test-logo1Janice, a retired Long Beach police officer, now writes Christian suspense novels, which is my favorite genre. I am hooked on television shows like The Closer and Major Crimes and anything involving police drama or cold cases. So I was happy to hear her first novel in the Cold Case Justice series was coming out entitled Drawing Fire, which I will be reviewing today.

drawing-21-200x300I love the strong women characters Janice develops, in this case Abby Hart, a dedicated homicide detective, who is determined to solve a cold case of her parent’s murders. Abby struggles with her faith in God throughout the story, as we all do, particularly how God could allow her parents to die in such a horrible fire, leaving her an orphan. But wait, enter Luke Murphy, a handsome and irritating Private Investigator, who is also interested in finding out who is responsible for their deaths, for his own personal reasons.

As Abby works together with Luke to unravel a serial killer case in the Long Beach area, sparks fly even though Abby is engaged to a mission’s pastor out on the mission field. Off duty, when they try to uncover evidence about the fire buried beneath years of deceit, they soon realize someone will do anything to make sure this case remains cold.

th-6The story line is suspenseful, and I found myself quickly turning the pages as I eagerly anticipated what was next in the plot. The author’s police background gives credibility to the scenes and dialogue, and creates some great police action.

It inspired me to see God working in Abby and Luke’s lives and the possibility of a new romance for them as the story ends. I saw His hand behind the scenes as he brought Justice to the cases, as only God can. I can’t wait to read the next novel in the series to see what engrossing storyline the author will weave! I highly recommend Drawing Fire to you, my readers.

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