A New Beginning for a New Year 2016

3228931Happy New Year friends! Yes, it has been a few months since I last blogged. Life got tough with many trials and I somehow lost my writing voice. Since the new year rolled around, I have found my passion again and want to share with you what has been happening in my life during this time.

All year I have been longing to go to Paris, but one health crisis after another stopped me, along with the terrorism there. This year 2016, I know will bring that longed for trip and even a possible move to France. God has been promising me a new home, in a new a-september-view-of-the-eiffel-tower-photo_14408918-260tallland and put the nation of France on my heart. So much has happened to their nation, that I feel the call to use my spiritual gifts of evangelism, art and healing for the children and people of France.

IMG_1197All along the way, God has been putting hints and encouragements in my path. Everywhere I turn, I see images of the the Eiffel Tower, Paris scenes, movies about Paris, Christmas tree ornaments of Paris, French pastries, you name it, I find it! Hope continued to fill my heart that maybe this Christmas I could go. I bought myself some purple snow boots just in case for the snow and cold.

Then tragedy struck. I was a passenger in a car accident and injured my neck and back. This happened a few days before Halloween when the devil is certainly on the prowl. I was unable to sit or stand and in great pain. I could not write or paint, my creative process that brings me great joy. Now, after months of physical therapy, I am on the mend, but still not able to ride my bike and get around. But I am writing today!

Then tragedy struck again. Three days before Christmas a biopsy of a mole showed melanoma cells and needed to be cut out. For the second time since April. Right before the Holidays. My great surgeon at Stanford did a good job and was able to remove all the bad cells, but it was a time again of pain and sitting home on holidays with my leg up and my mood glum. Why was God allowing all of this? I cried out to Him in my pain, but through it all He gave me the hope of Paris. Maybe Valentines Day I could go Lord, to celebrate my love for you in the most romantic city on earth? “You know I love you, and will surprise you when it’s time to go,” He whispered back to me.

IMG_1164I spent New Year’s Day at the coast, renting a Zip rental car, finally able to use my leg, and so grateful I could walk along the seashore. As I sat by the ocean, the Lord whispered His plans for me this year. Plans to publish my first book, Becoming Miriam: A Life Transformed by God. To continue working on my second book, a sequel to my first, that shares how God is leading me to France and my new life there.

For a new vision to use my art to reach the French with the gospel and to open a home for children to come who have been abused in any way for healing and respite. All these things swirled in my mind. And the most wonderful gift, a husband, a companion, who would love and cherish me, one I have been waiting for all my life.

IMG_1191And today, January 3rd, it is my 55th birthday. I am surprised I have lived this long with all the trauma and trials in my life. God has sustained me and kept me for a time such as this. While it is harder getting older, you grow an extra chin and forget everything, I am told the view only gets better from here.

My word for this year is Future. I am excited about leaving California and what God has for me abroad. I looking forward to getting married and having a child, creating a family that honors God, and being that homemaker I have wanted to be. I have been a business woman, missionary, teacher, artist and writer, but never been able to make my own soap or can my own fruit! It is time.

This year I am reading Jesus Calling: Experience Hope in God’s Presence by Sarah Young. I am learning to find hope in God’s unfailing love for me, and to lean on Him in good times and bad.

What is it you are hoping for in the new year? I hope you turn to Jesus to be that hope and love for yourself. He is waiting to be your Savior, to take your sin, key-to-hapiness-1give you unconditional love and the gift of eternal life. It can be yours, just for saying the following prayer with faith in your heart.

Dear Jesus:

I know I am a sinner in need of a Savior. Please forgive me for all my wrongdoings and iscome live in my heart. I ask you to be Lord over my life, and help me be the person you intended me to be. Show me your path for my life and help me to love and honor you. Thank you for placing your Holy Spirit in my heart to guide and protect me. I receive you forgiveness and the gift of eternal life with you. Thank you Jesus. I love you.

It’s that simple. Angels are rejoicing in Heaven right now as you are now a child of God and a member of His family. You have begun a personal relationship with Him and He is waiting to hear and answer you prayers and heart’s desires.

I hope the Lord will bless you with love, joy, peace and good health this coming year. He is able to do immeasurably more that you can think or imagine. Ephesians 3:20. Just trust Him. If you hope in Him you will find joy in His presence. Amen.

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