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Bonjour! I started my own art and writing business entitled Miriam Sarzotti Author and Artist: Children’s Books and Art. I write children’s books so wanted to tie both in for a new brand and theme!

My current collection is called: All God’s Creatures, Great and Small, and are created in collage and acrylic paints, filled with ribbons, sequins, pearls, glitter pens, tissue paper, cotton balls, confetti paper, and more fun things to delight children, while seeing God’s beauty in His creation of animals.

Butteries are Free – For sale; $85

Birds of a Feather…For sale: $75

Bunnies in the Grass – For sale: $75

Turn Around Baby Duck and Follow Mama – For sale: $75

Elephants in a Row – For sale: $65

Why Not Llamas? – For sale: $70

Animals All Around – For sale: $65

Peacock Glory – For sale: $75

Two Giraffes are Better Than One – For Sale $75

**To purchase, click on ‘Contact’ tab and leave me a message. Can ship in USA.

Pandemic Art

I did series of collages during the pandemic, entitled, “Reflections on Pandemic Life 2020.” Each monthly collage allowed me to reflect and to work out my feelings of what we experienced, as an individual, and as a nation. It reflects what we missed as we lived in masks and lockdown, and how I found healing in creating this art. I hope you will find some too!

Light Dispelling Darkness – Holidays in Lockdown

Psychedelic Pumpkin – Gratitude

Child’s Play: Expressing our inner selves.

Chaos into Order -Out of my chaotic feelings and desire to tear tissue paper, came this landscape of colors. Can you see the Sky, the Earth, and Grassy Ground?

Fourth of July – Virtual Parade Float and Fireworks

Missing Girlie Girl Day at the Spa

Resurrection Cross – New Hope

Our Broken Hearts, Healed.

Valentine’s Surprise


I took this view of Monaco on a sunny winter’s day in the South of France, along the wall from Old Town, Antibes. I love France and everything about it and hope to spend part of the year living in Antibes.

Other photos along the way:

My past artwork for your enjoyment:



Modern Impressionism

Scripture Art

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