Celebrate! My Book “Becoming Miriam” is Published!

IMG_1397Four years and three months. That is the time it took to write, edit and self publish my first book of my memoirs entitled, “Becoming Miriam: A Life Transformed by God.” And today, I received my first copies hot off the press, bringing tears to my eyes! It really was a miracle how God provided for me to write this book.

If you follow my blog, you know this was a dream for me to write a book, and the Lord gave me the go ahead to write my life story, to bring healing to myself and others. He provided for me to go three years in a row to a great writers conference nearby my home. He brought renowned authors to teach me and walk alongside me in my writing journey. Other writers to edit, critique and encourage me. The ability to self publish and do the production myself. All because He cares about the desires of our hearts.

Most of you know the victory this is: after losing my ability to write due to carpel tunnel and injuries to my arms and shoulder; a car accident; then three rounds of melanoma surgeries, all within two years. The devil was busy.

So my publication is sweet and I rejoice in God’s faithfulness. Self IMG_1396publishing wasn’t how i imagined it, that first year at Mt. Hermon Christian Writers Conference, but the Lord knew His plans to give Himself glory.

The Lord instructed me to publish Becoming Miriam as my legacy to my future children and family one day in France. And to share with those I meet along my path who need a healing touch from Jesus.

I imagine you would like to read it, too! However, it is not for sale quite yet.
I am waiting on the Lord’s perfect timing to release the book to the general public. Stay tuned. Only He knows the date! But I wanted to share it with you today, because I know a lot of you have followed my story and even prayed for me to see the book published.

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Celebrate with me, as the angels in heaven are, giving God the Glory for bringing His book to fruition!

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A New Beginning for a New Year 2016

3228931Happy New Year friends! Yes, it has been a few months since I last blogged. Life got tough with many trials and I somehow lost my writing voice. Since the new year rolled around, I have found my passion again and want to share with you what has been happening in my life during this time.

All year I have been longing to go to Paris, but one health crisis after another stopped me, along with the terrorism there. This year 2016, I know will bring that longed for trip and even a possible move to France. God has been promising me a new home, in a new a-september-view-of-the-eiffel-tower-photo_14408918-260tallland and put the nation of France on my heart. So much has happened to their nation, that I feel the call to use my spiritual gifts of evangelism, art and healing for the children and people of France.

IMG_1197All along the way, God has been putting hints and encouragements in my path. Everywhere I turn, I see images of the the Eiffel Tower, Paris scenes, movies about Paris, Christmas tree ornaments of Paris, French pastries, you name it, I find it! Hope continued to fill my heart that maybe this Christmas I could go. I bought myself some purple snow boots just in case for the snow and cold.

Then tragedy struck. I was a passenger in a car accident and injured my neck and back. This happened a few days before Halloween when the devil is certainly on the prowl. I was unable to sit or stand and in great pain. I could not write or paint, my creative process that brings me great joy. Now, after months of physical therapy, I am on the mend, but still not able to ride my bike and get around. But I am writing today!

Then tragedy struck again. Three days before Christmas a biopsy of a mole showed melanoma cells and needed to be cut out. For the second time since April. Right before the Holidays. My great surgeon at Stanford did a good job and was able to remove all the bad cells, but it was a time again of pain and sitting home on holidays with my leg up and my mood glum. Why was God allowing all of this? I cried out to Him in my pain, but through it all He gave me the hope of Paris. Maybe Valentines Day I could go Lord, to celebrate my love for you in the most romantic city on earth? “You know I love you, and will surprise you when it’s time to go,” He whispered back to me.

IMG_1164I spent New Year’s Day at the coast, renting a Zip rental car, finally able to use my leg, and so grateful I could walk along the seashore. As I sat by the ocean, the Lord whispered His plans for me this year. Plans to publish my first book, Becoming Miriam: A Life Transformed by God. To continue working on my second book, a sequel to my first, that shares how God is leading me to France and my new life there.

For a new vision to use my art to reach the French with the gospel and to open a home for children to come who have been abused in any way for healing and respite. All these things swirled in my mind. And the most wonderful gift, a husband, a companion, who would love and cherish me, one I have been waiting for all my life.

IMG_1191And today, January 3rd, it is my 55th birthday. I am surprised I have lived this long with all the trauma and trials in my life. God has sustained me and kept me for a time such as this. While it is harder getting older, you grow an extra chin and forget everything, I am told the view only gets better from here.

My word for this year is Future. I am excited about leaving California and what God has for me abroad. I looking forward to getting married and having a child, creating a family that honors God, and being that homemaker I have wanted to be. I have been a business woman, missionary, teacher, artist and writer, but never been able to make my own soap or can my own fruit! It is time.

This year I am reading Jesus Calling: Experience Hope in God’s Presence by Sarah Young. I am learning to find hope in God’s unfailing love for me, and to lean on Him in good times and bad.

What is it you are hoping for in the new year? I hope you turn to Jesus to be that hope and love for yourself. He is waiting to be your Savior, to take your sin, key-to-hapiness-1give you unconditional love and the gift of eternal life. It can be yours, just for saying the following prayer with faith in your heart.

Dear Jesus:

I know I am a sinner in need of a Savior. Please forgive me for all my wrongdoings and iscome live in my heart. I ask you to be Lord over my life, and help me be the person you intended me to be. Show me your path for my life and help me to love and honor you. Thank you for placing your Holy Spirit in my heart to guide and protect me. I receive you forgiveness and the gift of eternal life with you. Thank you Jesus. I love you.

It’s that simple. Angels are rejoicing in Heaven right now as you are now a child of God and a member of His family. You have begun a personal relationship with Him and He is waiting to hear and answer you prayers and heart’s desires.

I hope the Lord will bless you with love, joy, peace and good health this coming year. He is able to do immeasurably more that you can think or imagine. Ephesians 3:20. Just trust Him. If you hope in Him you will find joy in His presence. Amen.

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New Pastel Note Cards in Time for Fall Holidays

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Our Home – A Devotion

Today, I would like to share my latest devotion written at Valentine’s Day earlier this year. I hope your heart will be blessed…

Our Home.

“All who love me will do what I say. My Father will love them, and we will come and make our home with each of them.” John 14:23 NLT

At our church retreat, the speaker spoke on the booklet My Heart, Christ’s Home by Robert Boyd Munger. He shared when Jesus is at the center of our being, we have total intimacy. All conflict or dissonance goes away, leaving just peace and joy. If we take off our masks, allowing Him to see our true selves, He will show us His true self, without our projections. In a moment of silence, the speaker asked us who was at the center of our lives? In a hushed voice, I heard the Lord say, “Yourself.” Shocked, I believed Jesus was already at the center, since I constantly seek His will in my life.

That night as I lay in my tent, looking up at the redwood trees, I prayed; “Lord, please come make your home in my heart.” His presence filled me. “I am the intimacy you seek. I can fill all those empty places you try to fill with other things. I am enough. I am the gift”. Amazed, I whispered, “Thank you, Jesus.”

Have you really given Jesus home in your heart? He wants to give you true intimacy with Him, if only you ask. -copyright 2015
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NEW Book Review: “Drawing Fire” by Author Janice Cantore

During the summer, do you enjoy comprising a list of books you iswant to read and then spend every free moment doing so? Well, I do!

This summer, I have included one of my favorite author’s and writing friend, Janice Cantore, on my list. I met Janice at Mount Hermon’s Christian Writers Conference in the Santa Cruz mountains, a few years back, where we talked writer talk over lunch.

test-logo1Janice, a retired Long Beach police officer, now writes Christian suspense novels, which is my favorite genre. I am hooked on television shows like The Closer and Major Crimes and anything involving police drama or cold cases. So I was happy to hear her first novel in the Cold Case Justice series was coming out entitled Drawing Fire, which I will be reviewing today.

drawing-21-200x300I love the strong women characters Janice develops, in this case Abby Hart, a dedicated homicide detective, who is determined to solve a cold case of her parent’s murders. Abby struggles with her faith in God throughout the story, as we all do, particularly how God could allow her parents to die in such a horrible fire, leaving her an orphan. But wait, enter Luke Murphy, a handsome and irritating Private Investigator, who is also interested in finding out who is responsible for their deaths, for his own personal reasons.

As Abby works together with Luke to unravel a serial killer case in the Long Beach area, sparks fly even though Abby is engaged to a mission’s pastor out on the mission field. Off duty, when they try to uncover evidence about the fire buried beneath years of deceit, they soon realize someone will do anything to make sure this case remains cold.

th-6The story line is suspenseful, and I found myself quickly turning the pages as I eagerly anticipated what was next in the plot. The author’s police background gives credibility to the scenes and dialogue, and creates some great police action.

It inspired me to see God working in Abby and Luke’s lives and the possibility of a new romance for them as the story ends. I saw His hand behind the scenes as he brought Justice to the cases, as only God can. I can’t wait to read the next novel in the series to see what engrossing storyline the author will weave! I highly recommend Drawing Fire to you, my readers.

To read more about Author Janice Cantore and to purchase your copy of Drawing Fire visit: Janicecantore.com

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Paris: The Inspirational Story Behind My Book:

Don’t you love to find out how an author chooses to write their story or memoir? I was inspired to write my pre-published book, Becoming Miriam: A Life Transformed by God from a Hollywood movie. Yes, it’s true! I share below how my desire to go to Paris, France, came into being along with my first book. Enjoy!

Writing my story – January 23, 2012, San Carlos, California.

Do not remember the former things nor consider the things of old, Behold I will do a new thing, Now it shall spring forth, Shall you not know it? I will even make a road in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. Isaiah 43:18-19

th-3I had just returned from a one night retreat down near Carmel, which sits on the ocean in Central California. I came away from the retreat feeling renewed in my spirit. While there, the Lord whispered to my heart that when I came home there would be a blessing waiting for me that would make me cry. I eagerly opened the mail and found the movie Sabrina, waiting in my mailbox from a mail order movie service.

th The next day, I watched the modern story of Sabrina with Julia Ormond and Harrison Ford (not the Audrey Hepburn version). As Sabrina ran off to Paris to find herself, I told the Lord i wanted my freedom to do this too, not always waiting on His perfect will do do whatever He asked of me.

Deep down I was miserable, living an oppressive life of financial disability, spiritual oppression and feelings of futility. How I wanted to run off to Paris and do the Paris artist thing. To paint and draw and hang out at the cafe. To walk the Seine th-4and all its 23 bridges, finding my favorite to journal on just like Sabrina did.

Deep inside, I felt the Lord say, “Do you really want to run away from me and my will for your life? For there in the center of my will you will find safety.” I realized this was the answer to my feelings of insecurity all the time. “No, Lord, I don’t want to run away from you,” I said with tears in my eyes. He tenderly replied, “I want to give you the desires of your heart, all of them, as your Heavenly Father who loves and adores you, I know you want to travel the world and i will bring a large provision for you to do so.”

Excited now, I realized my deepest desire was to write, but what? I implored of the Lord what to write. “Write your life story; speak the truth and many others will find hope in your story of redemption and healing from abuse, mental illness, and ministry.”

With the Lord’s permission now, I excitedly jumped on the bed like a child, praising Him for His goodness and loving me enough to give my my heart’s desire. I would trust the Holy Spirit to show me how to write my story, and what to include in the chapters. I promised to use this gift of writing He had imparted in me to bring Him glory. I felt a new freedom to do what my heart desired and take a break from ministry.

th-6The next day, I sat at Peets Care with my morning coffee and began to write my story. I found an application called “Ulysses” to organize my book. As I sat down to write, I felt an anointing from the Holy Spirit.The story just flowed from my fingers. I wrote the forward, inspiration, and the highlights of what my story would tell. It just flowed out in perfect order from my heart. Bowing my head in gratitude, I prayed, “Lord, I will wait for the money to go to Paris and will be faithful to write every day as it rains here in January.

I faithfully awoke each morning, happy to have a project to work on that brought me such joy. The sense of futility I had suffered lifted. I realized God’s financial provision through my disability that allowed me stay home and write my book. The bigger picture came into light and I felt the Lord’s hand on my life.

One morning, He reminded me of a Parisian cafe around the corner that had just opened. Taking my laptop with me, I visited the cafe to find the French owner, th-1Geoffrey, welcome me with a loud. “Bon Jour Madame”. The menu was full of french comfort food and French music played in the background, I sat and ordered a french cafe, or coffee, and felt as if I had stepped into Parisian cafe. If I couldn’t go to Paris, the Lord would bring Paris to me! I vowed to come every day to write as I sipped the french campaigned the owner blessed me with! Oh La La!

Within two months, my entire story had poured out of my soul and I had my first draft of ten chapters with an intriguing title, “Running from the Witches: How the Redemptive Love and Power of Jesus Christ Healed my Life”. (Later to be changed!)

I found it healing to write all parts of my story; the trauma I experienced on the mission field when I was a missionary to the Jewish people, both here and in Israel,th-5 and the trauma I incurred as a child. While writing through the trauma, tears would fall from my eyes and wet my hands on the keyboard as I relived the evil abuse I suffered. I knew I was writing this book to give Glory to the Lord for healing my life and redeeming me from the pit I had been in.

Hope and love flowed through my heart as I realized one day this book would be published and my life restored. It encouraged me to know I would bring hope and healing to others. I knew now my life with all its valleys and mountain top experiences, had been for a reason. My life was a tapestry the Lord was weaving together; on the back it looked like a bunch of twisted strings, but on the front side a beautiful painting of a whole and full life was appearing.

th-2Today (July, 2015), my book is finished, except for the afterword. I plan to write it in Paris at a cafe where Ernest Hemingway wrote. I’ll then be able to say, I did indeed write my book in Paris! I continue to await his financial provision to go.

I have experienced the struggles of a writer; the ups and downs, the set backs and victories, the blogs and tweets. I remind myself every day how blessed I am to fulfill my lifetime dream of writing a book. Thank you Jesus.

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Meeting God at the Fair

thIt had been two of those hellish weeks, when everything was difficult and the Devil was trying (and succeeding) to attack and discourage me. I felt overwhelmed with scary landlord issues, getting new carpet installed, the internet going out, starting a challenging new volunteer job, and 103 degree heat. All I could do was cry out to God: “Help”.

And then God moved. I attended my acupuncture appointment after a month had passed, the longest I had gone without a session. As the needles did their magic, God whispered to me answers to my prayers and encouraged me with visions of my new life in France. I relaxed and breathed again. Yes, He was still in control.

IMG_0810And then in rained. On the day I was planning to go to the local county fair with my friend Patrice. I was longing for a day of fun, to be like a kid again. So I put on my waterproof hat, not to be deterred, and off we went.

We were first to arrive. As the rain came down, the blessings began. We had the fairgrounds almost to ourselves. No crowds, no heat. Not your usual fair, right? We picked out tasty food, Greek fries (yum) for me, and chicken gyro for Patrice. We IMG_0805talked and shared stories. Then we wandered over to the animals and had such good belly laughs at pigs deep in slumber and turkey Tom strutting his stuff. Of course, we took pictures with our iphones and sent them on Facebook right away to our friends.

Then we stumbled upon the butterfly tent. Inside where hundreds of butterflies butterfliesfluttering around. We were given a Q-tip to dip in nectar to feed them. Did you know butterflies eat with their legs? Yes, it’s true. I had a “God moment” when two butterflies alighted on my pink shirt and stuck to me like glue. I took a deep breath and told Patrice, “I think they are attracted to the Jesus light in me.” Yes, indeed, they knew the presence of their IMG_1276maker, God, creator of all things. I was struck by God’s tenderness to me, to allow me to experience a new and glorious thing: feeding butterflies! Knowing they live such a short life span of 14 days, reminded me of the preciousness of life, and put things into perspective.

IMG_0812I felt his presence in Patrice’s laughter as we next watched the pig races, a first for her, and what she most wanted to see. Giggling, we next rode the carousal, me picking a horse with pink roses on its mane, and she picking a zebra. As we bobbed up and down to the music, I felt the IMG_0822Lord’s presence and threw him a kiss, so happy to be with Him, as He washed our dry land with plentiful rain.

In the art gallery, I saw his beauty in the creation of paintings and photographs that displayed His glory and was humbled by the artistic craftsmanship of the quilts, mine being no where as good as these! Finally, we ended our day with treats no fair experience is good without: a soft ice cream cone for me; and a chocolate dipped banana with nuts for Patrice, as the rain dripped steadily on our faces. Our feet were tired as we left the fair, joking as we walked along that we might be old, but not too old to get on and off the merry-go-round!

God is all around you and wants you to cherish His presence about you. Can you take a minute today and ask Him to show himself to you? The God of the universe loves you and wants to be in personal relationship with you, if you only ask. His son, Jesus, jesusandusinheavenwill come make His home with you, forgive you of your sins, and give you eternal life in Heaven with him. Simply open your heart and invite him in today. It’s that easy.

I wish you a summer full of God appearances. May you find His joy at the most unlikely places, as I did at the fair!

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First Review of My Book: Becoming Miriam

It’s the review every writer hopes to get, when they have finished their book and th-3asked a non-writer friend to read and proofread it. Such was the case with me this month when my friend “P” shared her review with me:

Hello my talented friend (Miriam):

You truly have the gift of writing. I enjoyed reading your story and wanted to keep turning the pages to see how God was going to reveal himself to you next!  Your love story with Jesus warms my heart and reminds me that I need to spend more quiet time with Jesus to experience the intimacy that you so tenderly write about.

I have been captivated by the many adventures and places that you have been. It has made me sad to read about the horrible things that have occurred in your life, yet your willingness to get help and the many ways that you have sought healing are truly admirable. Your testimony is very touching and powerful. – Your friend P

th-1I was ecstatic. My spirit soared. I danced around the house. My heart filled with gratitude to the Lord as I saw His confirmation to me in her words. It has been 3 1/2 hears since I first started writing my book and now it was finished, and put to the test. Would an average Christian person (my target audience) like my book? Would they find reader takeaway? Would they find the love of Jesus and healing in the pages? Yes, came the answer for the first time!

I basked in the kind words that dispelled my doubts as a writer; “Talented, gifted, powerful, tender,” all which boosted my flagging self-confidence.

Can you guess what gave me the most joy? That she read the first chapter, and kept on reading the rest! Yes, every writer’s nightmare is that a reader will read the first chapter or so and not pick up the book again. All the advice I had from my mentors (Kay Marshall Strom and Joseph Bentz), my critique partners, and writers group, paid off. My toil of rewriting the book FIVE times, was not in vain. Now would the rest of the world love it too?

I am one step closer to self-publishing the book, now titled Becoming Miriam: A Life Transformed by God, which tells my faith story; how God has healed and transformed my life from the many traumas I faced. It promises insight and healing to the reader too, through the self help notes at chapter end.

You, the reader, can help me publish the book by LIKEing my FACEBOOK page, Miriam Sarzotti Author and Artist, or subscribing to my blog above. When the time comes, you thcan pre-order copies (including ebook) through my GOFUNDME campaign which includes some awesome gifts. So FOLLOW me and stay tuned!

Thank you Jesus for this beautiful gift of encouragement! (and thanks “P!”)

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How God Paints Our Lives with Pastel Crayons

thEvery artist goes through stages when they are ready to move on to a new type of art. I found myself in this stage a few months ago, when I no longer felt led to continue my Scripture Art paintings. I needed a new start after an eight month recovery period from my hand and shoulder injuries. I could now paint again and remembered the pastel crayons I had bought a few years ago sitting in my art box. I thought it would be fun, using crayons to paint, just like in Kindergarten!

So one day I got them out, all shiny and new, and smelling the wonderful chalky smell of pastels. The box had 24 colors, all of the color spectrum, so I knew I was ready. IMG_0564But, what to paint? Being that I love to paint God’s creation, especially flowers, I took my iphone camera and went out to snap some pictures. This began the process of putting myself on a schedule, and thus Painting Mondays began. Sunday night, I would select a flower scene to paint and first thing Monday morning, I would sit down with my laptop with the flower on the screen, my box of crayons, and a cup of coffee. Putting praise music on in the background inspired me to worship God both through my gift of art and song.

IMG_0588What I discovered as I drew and colored, is that I could smudge the colors with my fingers, reminding me of finger painting, which was my favorite type of painting as a child. Didn’t you love putting your fingers in the cold goo and spreading it all around on the paper? Painting with pastels is kind of like that. They are soft and leave a chalk like residue that I have to blow off periodically, and sometimes it gets on my laptop keyboard and then I have to blow it off that!

Unlike painting with acrylics or oils, you cannot mix the paint to form another IMG_0623color. You have to pick your color and then color over it with another color to lighten or darken your color of choice. I grew to love making a soft pink color by starting with magenta and lightening it with a white crayon. I discovered I could ‘mix’ the crayons in a new and fun way.

As I ‘painted’ I realized God, the ultimate Artist, paints a picture of our life everyday, and often He will ‘smudge’ our hearts with his healing touch, taking away th-1our pain and wounding, just like with a pastel crayon. He likes to ‘color’ over our mistakes with His forgiveness, and blow away our tears. And in the process, he makes a beautiful picture of our life, for all to see. For are we not His ultimate masterpieces? Aren’t you grateful He doesn’t just color within the lines, but gives us grace every day?

And when the painting is done, I spray it with a protective sealant that keeps it from smudging and remaining the beautiful picture it is. Just like God does after He heals us and saves us, He places His love and Holy Spirit as a protection that no one, not even the devil, can steal away.

IMG_0688My new pastel paintings are for sale for $50 each and you can contact me through my website giftsofhisglory.com under ‘contact Miriam’.

Perhaps I will turn these into new greeting cards as well. God knows what He has in mind for me, and you too! He sees the blank canvas of your life every day and will ‘color’ His will for you unto it, if you surrender you will and life to Him as your Lord and Savior. He wants to color over all the blackness of your sin and mistakes IMG_0649and give you a heart white as snow. Would you let Him today do this for you? If so, please pray this prayer:

Dear Jesus: Thank you that you are the Creator of all things, including me. I want to live a new life, with you in the center of my heart and life. Please forgive my sins, I believe you died on the cross for me and rose from the dead so I could have eternal life with you. I accept you as my Lord and Savior today and ask you to make my life a beautiful masterpiece. Amen.

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Miracle Shoes: A Devotion/Prayer

I’d like to share one of my devotions that has been published in Penned From the Heart last year to encourage you in your walk today with God. The devotion, or prayer, shows God’s faithfulness during my time as a Christian missionary visiting England.

May it bless you today…and may you find a miracle of your own!

Miracle Shoes

“But my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19 KJV

th-2I peered out the window at another rainy October day in Cranborne, England, What am I going to do? I only have summer shoes with me since I left my luggage back in London.

“Lord, I am trusting you for my finances as I travel as a visiting missionary. I need a pair of warm boots for this cold weather. My pocketbook is empty. Help!”

That afternoon I stopped at a shoe store on my way to speak at a prayer group. A pair of brown leather boots for 50 pounds was in the window. Those would be perfect, th-1Lord. At the meeting, the leader told me, “Miriam, we can support you with prayers but not financially, as we are all on a pension.”

Two days later, a check for 50 pounds arrived by mail from a woman at the group. God had miraculously meet my need. He cares about the little things, even keeping our toes warm. He increases our faith as we trust Him to supply all our needs.

Heavenly Father, I trust you to provide all I need, knowing every good and perfect gift comes from you.

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